Say goodbye to your loved ones at sea with our Funeral Ashes Scattering Ceremony. A moment of emotion and connection with nature as we bid farewell to those we cherish in a serene and beautiful setting.

 Embark your loved one on a serene and inspiring journey, letting them explore the world through the currents of the ocean.

 Scattering ashes or funeral urns at sea is a unique, personalized, and cost-effective alternative to traditional funeral services that has become very popular among families of the deceased.

 This type of ceremony is increasingly seen as much more natural and comforting for your loved ones compared to traditional land burials. It allows you to celebrate the life of your loved ones in an adventurous and special way, especially for those who loved the ocean, nature, or travel.

 Shortly after the cremation and receipt of the ashes, you are ready to offer your loved one the ceremony and serenity they deserve, and probably requested in their last will and testament.

 Our services for depositing ashes or funeral urns at sea are inspired by the idea of allowing your loved ones to travel the world through ocean currents. Instead of being "buried," the ashes of your loved ones will be released to explore the world forever.

 The ocean current will carry them to distant shores, allowing them to experience the beauty of the ocean and the world they have not yet seen.

 Visit your loved ones through the sea anywhere in the world, connecting with them and remembering the most cherished memories as you watch the waves.

 We know these moments are truly difficult, so trust our advisors and allow them to help you organize the deposit of the ashes at sea, organizing a dignified and moving tribute for your loved one.

 To deposit the funeral urn or scatter the ashes of your loved one at sea, family and friends sail on the vessel to the desired location, approximately 3 miles offshore.

 Upon arriving at the designated location, the captain will position the vessel into the wind and can begin the ceremony, proceeding to perform religious readings, reciting prayers, or recalling some emotional comments, all accompanied by ambient music appropriate to the ceremony.

 Finally, the funeral urn will be deposited on the surface of the sea, along with a floral offering that creates a pleasant and visually appealing area for the ceremony on the water. To conclude, the captain can circle the area while family and friends take photos and say their final goodbyes.


  •  Experienced and respectful captains who provide privacy and support as needed.
  •  Private and intimate experience for up to 6 guests per boat (additional boats available for larger groups).
  •  Personalized and adaptable service to your preferences.
  •  Geolocation certificate for the scattering.



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